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iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

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iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

High Performance Toolkit for All Things Repair

  • The perfect toolkit for pros to average joes.
  • Contains all the poking, prying, gripping, lifting, ESD safety, and screw driving tools needed to service consumer electronics.
  • Completely re-engineered to provide all the tools that you need, and none that you don't.

Kit Contents

  • Anti-Static Wrist Strap - protection for circuits against static electricity
  • Small Suction Cup - suction cup for holding onto things lacking handles
  • 3x iFixit Opening Tool - soft plastic prying tools
  • 6x iFixit Opening Picks - thin prying tool for opening electronic devices
  • Nylon Tipped Reverse Tweezers - to elevate and hold your work
  • Angled ESD Tweezers - ESD-safe, feature teeth for tougher grip
  • Blunt ESD Tweezers - ESD-safe, feature teeth for tougher grip
  • 2x Plastic Spudger - tough antistatic tool for a variety of purposes
  • Metal Spudger - for more powerful prying, scraping, probing, and poking action
  • Jimmy - handy tool for "Jimmy"ing open electronics.
  • Magnetic Pad - Holds tiny screws and parts during repairs
  • 64 Bit Driver Kit - all the bits needed for repairs on small electronics
  • Tool Roll - Durable and compact
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